Chiropractic Fees and Practice Hours

Chiropractic fees and Practice hours 


*Most private health providers cover a percentage of the treatment fee. We bill directly to minimize the cost to you. Please check with your provider to determine the percentage to which you are entitled.

Initial Consultation Child (under 12 years)  $70          Adult  $75
Standard Chiropractic Consultation Child (under 12 years)  $50          Adult  $55
Extended Chiropractic Consultation Child (under 12 years)  $65          Adult  $70
X-ray Report of Findings and Consultation Child (under 12 Years)  $65          Adult  $70
Veteran Affairs  Billed to DVA
Medicare (Referal from Dr required)  Billed to Medicare
WorkCover (prior approval required)  Billed to WorkCover

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Monday           9.00am – 7.00pm

Wednesday    9.00am – 7.00pm

Friday             9.00am – 1.30pm

Saturday        8.00am – 1.00pm

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